Shipping & Payment

We ship to the USA. EUROPE. UK. CANADA
Estimated delivery time up to 10 days
Ship from USA domestic warehouse up to 4 days

International, US domestic Shipping

We ship to the USA, UK, EUROPE, Canada. Estimated delivery time from international warehouse up to 10 days

USA domestic shipping (No customs!) up to 4 days via USPS.  Shipping cost fixed – $40 for all HGH orders. We will send tracking number to you after send order via contact email.

You can purchase bitcoins via credit/debit card: PAYBIS.COMCOINBASE

email: [email protected] 


We accept Bitcoin, USDT (TRC20), Debit/Credit cards, Zelle, Venmo, CashApp, Wire transfer. The bitcoin rate is calculated at the time of payment. After placing an order – We will send you details for payment. The order is reserved for you for 2-3 days. If you do not pay for the order within 3 days – We will cancel the reservation.

You can purchase bitcoins via credit/debit card: PAYBIS.COMCOINBASE

Any questions? Write us: [email protected] or online chat.

Pay for your order with Credit Card!

Using PayBis, you can use any credit card to pay for your order. Please see instructions below:

  • Select Bitcoin as your payment method in checkout.
  • We will provide a Bitcoin address unique to your order. Please copy the Bitcoin address to be used in step #3.
  • You can make your payment using your credit card, at PayBis, by purchasing Bitcoin. Select your type of currency and the amount you wish to send in the first field (see example image below).
  • The second field must be BTC before you proceed. Click on “Buy Bitcoin” and follow the prompts from there.
  • If you are not yet registered with PayBis, you will need to before you can initiate the transfer. This can be done during the transaction process.
  • Once the transaction is made, you will receive a confirmation email. Your order page will typically update within the hour; however, it may take a few hours on rare occasions.

How to buy Bitcoin with CashApp

 To purchase bitcoin using your Cash App:
  1. Tap the Bitcoin tab on your Cash App home screen
  2. Tap Buy BTC
  3. Select an amount tap … to enter a custom amount
  4. Enter your PIN and select Confirm

Purchasing bitcoin requires that you have a balance in your Cash App. You may also need to enter additional geographical information.

Send Bitcoin to us

You can withdraw Bitcoin from your Cash App to a third-party Bitcoin wallet at any time. To do so:

  1. Toggle from USD to BTC by tapping “USD” on your Cash App home screen.
  2. Select Bitcoin
  3. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to withdraw (you can toggle between BTC or USD)
  4. Either tap the top left corner of the screen to access the QR code scanner or tap Send to enter the external wallet address manually: We will send you bitcoin address for payment by email.
  5. Tap wallet address to confirm
  6. Tap Next
  7. Select a withdrawal speed
  8. Tap Confirm & Send to initiate your withdrawal.

If this is your first time withdrawing Bitcoin, you may need to enter some additional personal information before making a withdrawal.

Worldwide shipping

We ship to the USA. UK, EU, Canada.


USA domestic shipping via USPS (2-4 days)

Secure Payment

We accept:PayPal, Bitcoin/USDT, debit/credit card

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