Trenbolone A ZPHC


Trenbolone A ZPHC

Manufacturer: ZPHC (Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd)

Active ingredient: Trenbolone Acetate

Package: 10ml vial

Dosage: 100mg/ml

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Trenbolone A ZPHC

Trenbolone Acetate Injectable Steroid 100mg 10 ml ZPHC

Trenbolone A ZPHC
Trenbolone A ZPHC

Trenbolone Acetate solution for injections is characterized by the convenient dosage strength ― 100mg/ml ― and sold in 10 ml vials, which are used for multiple injections. The manufacturer of the product is the global pharma company ZPHC.

As a steroid for cutting cycles, Tren Ace possesses numerous advantages: it boosts metabolism, effectively burns fat, improves athletic performance by increasing the strength and durability of muscles and reducing recovery periods.

At the same time, this steroid preserves dense muscles under the conditions of a cutting cycle.




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