Hutrope HGH 30IU LinePen


Hutrope HGH 30IU LinePen x2 pens

1 pre-filled pen contains 30 IUs of somatropin (10 mg)

Hutrope HGH includes: glycine, histidine, poloxamer 188, water for injection, sodium hydroxide.

Price for 2 pens (60IU)

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Hutrope HGH 30IU LinePen

Hutrope HGH 30IU LinePen
Hutrope HGH 30IU LinePen

Hutrope growth hormone has appeared on the market of HGH relatively recently. After the test of this GH on famous athletes, who understand how the drug works or not, we decided to put this product on the shelves of our store.

If you have any doubt about the product, we recommend that you simply buy Hutrope on trial, to conduct the necessary studies (at least everyone can donate blood for GH level) and make the necessary conclusions for oneself. 342/5000 For our part we guarantee the transparency of the experiments, a vial of HUTROPE was selected at random from a large batch and sent for analysis.

Are you sure you can also choose any vial of your order and sent for analysis to the contents in the vial and the degree of purification (the analysis is not as expensive as it may seem).


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