Pharmatropin 100IU HGH


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Pharmatropin 100iu – 191aa Human Growth Hormone 100iu kit for sale. Original Pharmatropin HGH by Pharmacom Labs is a lyophilized (freeze-dried) white powder packed in a sealed box, 100iu per box.

10 vials x 10iu + 10ml sterile water solution.

Price for 1 box (100kit)

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Pharmatropin 100IU HGH Benefits

In adults with growth hormone deficiency, Pharmatropin 100iu reduces fat mass, increases muscle mass and improves energy, vitality and subjective well-being. In patients suffering from severe burns, AIDS associated muscle wasting or undergoing major operations

Pharmatropin 100IU HGH
Pharmatropin 100IU HGH

Pharmatropin HGH promotes wound healing attenuates, increases protein-catabolic response and improves whole-body nitrogen condition after operation.


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